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Student Testimonials

Language Pacifica has given me the opportunity to meet many people from all around the world. Also, it has helped me learn this beautiful language with really good teachers. The school is a combination of professional teachers, really good installations, and a harmonious environment.
Jennifer, Venezuela

Having the opportunity to study in a foreign country is even better when you are in the right place! Here, at Language Pacifica, I feel I’m in this place.
Ana Laura, Brazil

I’m glad that I am studying in Language Pacifica. The teachers are nice and excellent. I’ve met a lot of friends from many countries here. If you want to have fun and study English in America, Language Pacifica is your best choice.
Alex, Hong Kong

It’s an opportunity to meet people, learn about their cultures and improve my English. The world is here. When you come here, you will understand what I mean.
Amanda, Brazil

Language Pacifica’s program is excellent. I’ll always remember Language Pacifica and my friends. Also, my dearest teachers, too. Thank you very much Language Pacifica.
Ahmet, Turkey

The program here is really strong with a lot of personal attention. The teachers work with you even outside the classes. Plus, you get a chance to visit a great city, meet with new people and create a lifetime experience.
Edi, Italy

I’ve been in several language schools in California and I think what’s best about LP is the teachers’ quality. They are very friendly and enthusiastic about teaching.
Mie, Japan

If you are looking for a solid language program with great teachers, a fun atmosphere and low tuition in America, you are at the right place.
Eduard, Canada

I loved studying at Language Pacifica because the school has a lot of very good teachers and a methodology that gives emphasis on teaching both communication and written abilities to the students. In addition, I have made a lot of friends from different countries. Studying at Language Pacifica was one of the best experiences of my life. I will never forget every moment I had.
Carolina, Brazil